Forging and Machining

DSD Forge started production in mold making, hot forging, and machining in line with the demands of its customers in 2013. Listening to the customers and finding the best solutions in business, DSD Forge continues to specialize in its field.


Aiming for continuous development since the day we founded, DSD Forge seeks to adjust corporate and technological innovations. We have determined our priority as contributing to the development of society, which passes through adaptation ourselves to the new technologies and social needs.

Dövme atölyesi

As DSD Forge, thanks to our technical knowledge and equipment, we carry out the necessary quality, production, and supply processes from the appropriate raw material selection to the delivery of the finished product, in line with the ongoing communication with our customers. In line with the increasing production need, we are expanding our machine park and working with the principle of providing the most suitable conditions for the product.


Owing to our multifunctional production process, we ensure your production needs with the mold preparation, forging, and processing of products. We improve the supplying process by keeping the forging and machining processes together.

DSD Hammer

DSD Hand Tools

We produce hand tools and diversify our production under the DSD Forge brand. With our production perspective, we distinguish the ax, cut, and other functional tools.

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